Top 15 sites where you can read books for free

Last updated on December 26, 2019

Why should you read books anyway?

And where you can find books for free?

There are many benefits if you start reading books. See what famous authors have to say about reading.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

That’s right. I am a Game of Thrones fan. If you are too, I am pretty sure you would like to read this.

Many of us read books as a hobby. Some of us read books because we know the importance of reading books.

And if you are wondering, I belong to the second category. I started reading books when a friend of mine asked me to read ‘The thirteen reasons why’. I was never interested in reading books. But, as I started reading it, I began to like it. I completed that book in one day. Yes, One day.

Many great people and top business entrepreneurs, spend many hours reading books every day. They know the Importance of it that they include it in their daily routine. If you are still looking for reasons to read books, check out 30 reasons to read books.

But before moving on to the site, you need to know the extensions or formats available

HTML – Mostly compatible in a browser, though eReaders support the format too.

EPUB – It is supported on all devices except Kindle.

TXT –   a basic text with no formatting and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

MOBI – frequently used with Kindle.

PDF & RTF  – works with most e-book readers

PLUCKER – is a free ebook reader which supports Palm OS-based Handheld devices and other Personal Digital Assistants

1. Library Genesis:

In 2008, Library Genesis was established by Russian Scientists. The site is popular as it provides pirate access to books, articles and magazines.

Since it is a pirate site, it is blocked in some of the countries. But you can use proxy to access this site. You can find famous comics and may more here.

For more info on Library Genesis, click here

2. Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg was started by Michael S. Hart in 1971. It is the oldest digital library. It has almost 58,000 free eBooks.

The special feature of this site is that you can save books to Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. Another thing is that you can download the book with or without images.

It is easy to browse through and find the books here. I have made a separate post for Project Gutenberg. You can find step by step instruction on how to browse through and easily find the book and download it.

3. Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization.

It not only offers access to millions of free books. But also to music, movies, software, websites, and more.

It is so cool that you can find all these things in one place. You must check the internet archive.

Their Mission is to provide “universal access to all knowledge”  

4. Open Library:

Open Library is one of my favourite sites. It is a separate project of the Internet Archive. It was intended to create “one web page for every book ever published”.

The important feature is that you can borrow the book for a period of two weeks and the book will be returned after the date has expired. If it is available to download, you can download in various format as I mentioned earlier.

Another one is that it has a DAISY option. I have discussed everything in detail about the open library here.

They have recently launched a new feature where you can make your website as a library.

You just have to add an HTML code in your page. The book will be displayed on your site. Users can directly download books from your website or blog. If you are interested in this, let me know

5. Authorama:

Authorama has many free ebooks categorized by Author names. You can search for your favourite Author and start reading.

The downside of this site is that you will not be able to download the books. But it is absolutely free to read online

6. LibriVox:

One of the reasons we avoid reading books is that we don’t have time to sit in one place and read books.

On average, we spend at least 2 hours of travelling. We can make this time useful with Librivox.

It is different from all the other site. It is a free public domain of Audio Books.

LibriVox was founded by Hugh McGuire in 2005. Their objective is To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet”

7. ManyBooks:

ManyBooks has almost 50,000 free ebooks. You have to simply create an account with ManyBooks.

The one thing you can find in this site is that filter options. You can apply a filter on Ratings, Language and Genre and it will show you only the books based on your preferences.

You can also find some of the best seller ebooks at a discounted price for their members here.

8. BookBub:

You have to Sign-Up with BookBub before you can download a lot of free ebooks.

The special feature in BookBub is that, while signing up, it will ask you what kind of books you want. Like ebook or audiobook or printed.

Next thing is, you can choose the category you would like to read. Because you will get recommendations based on your preferences.

Also, you can choose the Device in which you want to read. So, it will show the best format for your device. You can also choose the Author’s you want to follow. Finally, you have to set up a password.

After you have completed all the process, you will get a suggestion based on what you have chosen in the previous steps.

Now, you can get the best deals for the best sellers and some free books

9. Goodreads:

Similar to ManyBooks and BookBub, you have to create an account with Goodreads to read eBooks online.

In Goodreads, you can follow your favourite author and see what they are reading.

Also, some books are available at a lower price and some books are free. You can find Audiobooks LibriVox and many more books are available

10. Smashwords:

Simply Sign Up with Smashwords and verify your email address. You can filter your search on the homepage. Also, you can find the best deals for some of the books.

You can easily download the book in available formats or you can read online.

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

J.K. Rowling

11. Digilibraries:

Digilibraries offers a variety of digital books with a vast range of titles. This site is created by readers for readers. So it’s growing every day.

You can easily download a book in PDF format, epub, mobi kindle for free.

Before downloading, you can get to know the type of book you read in categories and description about the book below download options.

12. Booklending:

Booklending is a book lending and borrowing community that connects Amazon Kindle users with borrowers and lenders.

You can borrow a book for a period of 14 days from Amazon Kindle. If a book is already borrowed, you have to wait until it is returned by the current reader.

13. Google books:

Google Books gives a huge collection of all genres of books where you can easily access free ebooks based on bestsellers, ratings etc.

Since it is delivered by Google, you will not have any trouble browsing through Google books. You have to search for it as you will search in Google search engine

14. Blurb:

Blurb was founded by Eileen Gittins in 2005 based on San Francisco with offices in London.

If you have expertise in a field, you can write a book about it here. Blurb help you by providing with all the necessary tools for creating your book for free. Which is pretty much amazing.

Even if you have not written any book or if you have no idea about what to write, don’t worry. Just give it a try. We all have to start somewhere.

Many people have created their own books and placed it on the website for readers to explore a wide variety of authors. But you have to pay a little to read their content.

15. Scribd:

Scribd is referred to as Netflix of books which offers access to millions of books. Not only books but also magazines from all famous publishers.

If you liked some document and you wish it to be on your website, you can embed it in your website or blog easily.

You can find all the popular and best-selling books here.

I challenge you to choose one book from any of the above sites and start reading it. Comment below the title of the book you are going to read and the deadline for you to finish the book.

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