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Last updated on December 26, 2019


How to use the open library to download books?

We will be telling you the important things you must know about the open library in this post.

If you already have an account with Open Library, no problem

Feel free to skip and Start from Log on to your Account

We will be discussing the following in this post

  • Verify your Email Address
  • Log on to your Account
  • How to browse to find the books?
  • Why do you need to filter your search?
  • What is Read, Borrow and DAISY?
  • How to Read Online?
  • What is DAISY?
  • How to download easily?
  • Conclusion

1.Sign Up

The first step is to sign up in Open Library to Download books.

Fill in your

  1. Email address
  2. Screen name
  3. Enter a password
  4. Verify the Captcha

2. Verify your Email Address

Next, you need to verify your email address. Go to your inbox, and click the verification link to start using the open library.

After you have verified your email address, Your account will be created successfully.

3. Log on to your Account

Now you can directly log on to Open Library with the Screen name and Password you have created in the previous step.

4. How to browse to find the books?

If you have a specific book in mind that you want to read, go ahead and type the name of the book in the search bar.

If not, Don’t worry.

You can browse through the different categories like science, biographies, textbooks, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy and you can search through other subjects.

5. Why do you need to filter your search?

Now that you have chosen the category, you can browse through that category and select a book to read.

You can also search for a book in the category by typing in the search bar.

Make sure to select the ‘ebook’ option next to the search bar. It will show the results for the available books.

Because you don’t want to see the results of Unavailable books

6. What is Read, Borrow and DAISY?

In the results, you can see that there are Read, Borrow and Join waitlist option. Let me tell you in detail about those three options.

If you see the Read option next to the book, it means that you can actually download the book.

For Borrow, it is similar to how we borrow books from a library. You can borrow the book for a limited period of time.

To borrow a book you will require

   1. Adobe Digital Editions or ebook software that works with Adobe authentication.

   2. An account

Comment ‘Yes‘ below if you want to know how to easily sign up with and Step by Step instructions on how to get Adobe Digital Editions.

The last option, Join Waitlist is nothing but the book has already been borrowed by someone else. You need to wait to get the book once his time period for that book has been expired.


The special thing about Open Library is that it offers many different formats for a book. One of them is DAISY. It is nothing but the Digital Accessible Information System.

As Greg Kearney mentioned in his post,

There are three types of DAISY books.

One is audio-only DAISY, which is the most common. This is the kind of book that the National Library Service in the US produces. This format provides minimal text content and a set of recordings that the reader hears when the book is played.

Audio only is commonly used for recreational reading employing live human narration.

Text-only DAISY books have no audio recording but provide the text of the book itself. These books are read with either text-to-speech systems or Braille displays. produces text-only DAISY books.

Their chief advantage is their very small file size as compared to books with audio files.

The disadvantage is that these books require a text-to-speech system in the playback device, which means they cannot be played using the NLS player and that users must be willing and able to read tactically or tolerate less than human-sounding speech.

How to Download?

You can click on the Read eBook option to read online.

You can also download the PDF, ePub, Plain Text, Kindle.

To download, Click in PDF/ePub option. As you can see below, choose the one you want and the download will start automatically.


Let’s have a quick recap. We have seen

  • How to Create an Account
  • How to Browse through Open Library
  • What is Read, Borrow and DAISY
  • How to download eBooks.

Comment below if you have successfully created an Account.

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